Momento espiritual. Vista general.
Momento espiritual. Vista de la pieza.

This work is also entitled Homage to the empty style of cubism. In structural terms the sculpture is complete simplicity. A metal base serves as a support for two vertical, oblique plates. This work is the result of Oteiza"s investigation into the problem of the de-occupation of space, of empty boxes and their evolution, reaching the conclusion, after a lot of thought, that empty space triumphs over the material nature of the work. The placing of these iron sheets is a statement of the existential space, which suggests that the part requires less material structuring. The complexity of forms existing in other earlier works has been reduced here to its minimum expression. In short, we are witnessing the triumph of nothingness, the open space, the internal structure of the box exposed, thereby reflecting the conclusions of his experimental project. The original of the sculpture installed in the park of Yamaguchi, is held at the Jorge de Oteiza Foundation Museum in Alzuza, and dates back to 1959. There is also another replica of the work at the Queen Sofia Contemporary Art Centre in Madrid.

José María Muruzábal

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The route

Yamaguchi and hospitals


Spiritual monument

Jorge Oteiza, 1997

4 cm corten steel.

Sculpture: 450 x 65 cm.


Installation: 1997. Parque de Yamaguchi park.