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Homenaje al espíritu. Imagen 1.
Homenaje al espíritu. Imagen 2.Homenaje al espíritu. Imagen 3.

This well-known sculpture by Jorge de Oteiza is based on an artistic project executed in 1952, comprising a sculptural ensemble composed of three different parts. Here, of particular note are the two vertical elements which rise more than five metres high. The work comes right within his series on the opening up or de-occupation of the cylinder, based on the hyperboloid, a series which also includes the sculpture entitled Triple and lightweight unit, installed in the Plaza del Castillo square. The sculptural ensemble designed by Oteiza in 1952 involved transferring the ideas of the hyperboloid to abstraction. The monument comprises a written project setting out the ideas and intentions contained in the sculpture and indicating that this is a simple and open articulation of a formal lightweightsystem. This sculptural work was created by Jorge Oteiza in 1952 for the International Sculpture Exhibition Contest organised by the Tate Gallery in London in 1953. In 1965, the work was materially executed in stone, for a private garden in Madrid and a replica was installed in Pamplona. The sculpture was funded by the Pamplona City Council and the family of Félix Huarte, a well-known Navarre-born businessman and politician who was the sponsor of this Basque sculptor. For this reason, the work by Oteiza is installed in the Félix Huarte square, in homage to his many years of support.

José María Muruzábal

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Iturrama and the University of Navarre


Monument to the unknown political prisoner. Image to the spirit.

Jorge Oteiza, 1999


Sculptures: 515 x 130 x 90 cm.


Installation: 2004. Plaza de Félix Huarte square.