Victoria. Vista frontal.
Victoria. Vista posterior.

A sculpture schematizing a body in a dynamic, forward movement, causing the plane profiles to curve and to adapt, through the effect of mobility, to the space freed in the projection, such that the exterior appears convex whilst the internal concavity is the logical result of that effort. If the vertical plane is equivalent to an athlete"s trunk, then the perpendicular plane above could signify his arms in movement -raised after the sportsman has achieve his goal- or depict the wake created by the projection of his body. This sculpture is a monumental conversion of the homonymous work with which the author won the Navarre Sports Award in 1995.

Francisco Javier Zubiaur

Caminando hacia el futuro de Javier MuroMonumento al Duque de Ahumada de Fructuoso Orduna
The route

Larrabide and Milagrosa



Jesús Alberto Eslava, 1995

Rolled, folded and welded corten steel.

Figure: 200 x 210 x 8/16cm approx. Pedestal: 55 x 100 x 100 cm.


Installation: 1995. Larrabide Stadium, calle Sangüesa 34 street.