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Caminando hacia el futuro. Vista general.
Caminando hacia el futuro. Vista frontal.Caminando hacia el futuro. Vista lateral.

This work was created in 3 to 4 mm thick bronze sheet, with an internal steel structure. The sculpture is finished in a black patina, termed «fly wing». It comprises two vertical shafts which reach a certain height and then start to curve until they eventually merge into a simple loop-like structure. This is an abstract sculpture, which conveys a sense of dynamism and verticality, with a geometric composition that is balanced in forms and dimensions and which holds reminiscences of constructivism. According to the interpretation of the artist himself, we are looking at two different paths or ways, which come together to unite in a vital joint project. The conceptual significance of the sculpture is much in line with contemporary art, allowing observers to reflect on and question matters relating to life and death, society, personal objects and items, and so on, with a metaphoric and symbolic representation. This work by Javier Muro won the third edition of the «Navarre Youth Award» competition, organised by the Navarre Government Institute of Sports and Youth. Over the last few years, reproductions of this work have been used as the youth awards given annually by the Navarre Government.

José María Muruzábal

Antorcha de Jesús Alberto EslavaVictoria de Jesús Alberto Eslava
The route

Larrabide and Milagrosa


Walking towards the future

Javier Muro, 2006

Black patinated bronze.

294 x 220 x 220 cm.


Installation: 2006. «Fuerte del Príncipe» Residence, calle Goroabe 36 street.

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