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This organic style work depicts an arborescent flame in the form of six upwardly divergent arms, having a quadrangular section. Yet it also resembles a bud which is opening up, symbolising life, the youthfulness of the athletes and the Olympic torch. The original work on which the monument is based, received the Navarre Sports Award in 1988. In his geometric compositions, this author seeks an ongoing dialogue between material and space. A former decorator, Jesús Alberto Eslava became a self-taught sculptor in 1980, producing works which reflect his interest in the combination of lines and planes on perfectly finished surfaces. Over time, his sculptural work has progressively advanced towards geometric abstraction within an expressive austerity in which ideas predominate, although not to the detriment of affective evocations.

Francisco Javier Zubiaur

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Larrabide and Milagrosa



Jesús Alberto Eslava, 1989

Rolled, folded and welded corten steel. Natural red/brown corrosion.

Sculpture: 300 x 200 cm. Pedestal: 340 cm. Diameter: 179cm.


Installation: 1989. Larrabide Stadium, calle Sangüesa 34 street.