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Monumento al Rey Teobaldo de Champaña. Vista general.
Monumento a Teobaldo I de Champaña. Vista de detalle.

In its original configuration, the monument to Theobald I of Champagne combined architecture and sculpture. The architectural part comprised a series of eleven Gothic pointed trilobed arches supported by columns and polygonal bases, originating from the former Cistercian monastery of Santa María de Marcilla, including coats of arms and gothic texts alluding to the commemoration of the 7th centenary of the accession of Theobald I to the throne of Navarre. The monument was completed with the seated statue of Theobald I, created by the doctor and humanist from San Sebastian, Victoriano Juaristi, in collaboration with the Villava-born sculptor José María Iñigo Iñarena, in which the «Troubadour king» was portrayed. Unfortunately the sculpture is no longer here, neither is there any nformation on the replica which, according to the testimony of those close to him, used to be in the gardens of the St Miguel Clinic.

José Javier Azanza

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Taconera park and zone around the Baluarte


Monument to King Theobald I of Champagne

Victoriano Juaristi, 1935


480 x 1300 x 84 cm.


Installation: 1935. Gardens of the Taconera. Vista Bella corner.