Oteando el horizonte. Imagen 1.
Oteando el horizonte. Imagen 2.

An elementary depiction of a human figure at the moment when he turns round to direct his gaze in a certain direction, and it is this attitude, accompanied by a fleeting movement, that attracts the artist"s interest. For this very reason, the importance lies in the ensemble, as it captures and freezes an instantaneous movement. The author has therefore left out all the details, to execute a work with superficial strokes which, however, well define the way in which the individual is twisting round. The principal intention of sculptor Jesús Alberto Eslava Castillo is to breathe life into the material, to bend forms in order to give them a human quality, as in this schematic representation, with its cavities and tensions, with the impulse and drive of northern sculpture.

Francisco Javier Zubiaur

Bruja de Néstor BasterretxeaSerie sonoridad de Alberto Orella
The route

The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo


Scanning the horizon

Alberto Eslava, 1989

Concrete formwork.

Figure: 214.5 x 84 x 48 cm. Pedestal: 6 x70.4 x 94 cm.

Schematic representation of a visual observation.

Installation: 1990. Location: Ciudadela (Citadel), between the Arms Room and former Chapel.