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This sculptural work presented here is formed by two parts, of a similar composition, positioned horizontally. Both are mounted directly on the ground, practically lying on the grass. Their structure comprises some wide slabs of cement, featuring undulating and fanciful forms, which progressively curve in different ways along their whole length. The work has evidently been created with artistic taste and sculptural knowledge. The work was designed by the well-known Catalan architect and designer, Enric Miralles, whose most acclaimed works are the remodelling of the Santa Caterina Market, the Huesca Sports Palace and the Scottish Parliament building.

José María Muruzabal

Raíces en el cielo de Ricardo UgarteAtleta griego de Pablo Juarros
The route

The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo



Enric Miralles, 1995

Reinforced concrete.

410 x 205 x 85 cm.

Ornamental seat.

Installation: 1995. Location: Ciudadela (Citadel), between the Chapel and the Mixed Pavilion.