Raíces del Cielo. Imagen 1.
Raíces del cielo. Imagen 2.

This present sculpture, created in steel by the renowned Basque artist, Ricardo Ugarte, comprises a vertical column, stemming from which are a series of cubes linked together in different positions, in a abstract geometric composition. The work is mounted on a simple plate, anchored to the ground. The sculpture shows a clear sense of verticality, as it emerges from the ground and ascends upwards. The vertical column is made up of an irregular series of metal shapes and spaces, with fanciful forms that play with the metal. Stemming out from the top of the column are a number of incomplete cubes, resembling the branches of a tree. The sculptural work of Ricardo Ugarte, always loaded with symbolism, takes on a geometrizing vision of the object portrayed. This artist plays with the spaces created in the sculpture itself and which, in turn, open outwards. When creating outdoor sculptures, Ugarte pays considerable attention to those factors which are external to the actual material and formal structure of the work, such as light, the surrounding atmosphere and colours, aspects which unquestionably affect the aesthetic qualities of the work in one way or another.

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The route

The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo


Roots of the sky

Ricardo Ugarte de Zubiarrain, 1975


332 x 95 x 68 cm.


Installation: 1979. Location: Ciudadela (Citadel), central roundabout.