Huecos. Imagen 1.
Huecos. Imagen 2.

This sculpture by Vicente Larrea is an abstract figure which is highly characteristic of the style followed by this artist. Created in iron, there is an intermingling of curved and very rough forms. It is onstructed with organic, baroque elements which appear to be separate sculptures, trapped by their geometric structure. The iron sculpture spreads out horizontally and appears to be comprised of discontinuous, overlapping elements. This is a very characteristic creation with regard to the aesthetic style of this well-known Basque sculptor. Since the sixties his work has been directed towards geometric, organic abstraction. Larrea has basically focussed on working metals, such as bronze and iron, seeking and experimenting with spaces, forms and roughness. In 1977, during an exhibition by Vicente Larrea at one of the exhibition rooms at the Citadel, two large sculptures by this author were placed in the gardens. One of these was to remain there for almost a decade before it was finally removed, due to the fact that a purchase agreement was not reached with the City Council. The other sculpture, entitled Huecos (Hollows) still remains there today and is considered to be the first abstract sculpture to be installed in Pamplona.

José María Muruzabal

Articulación flotante de Faustino AizkorbeRetrato de un gudari llamado Odiseo
The route

The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo



Vicente Larrea, 1972

Perlite iron.

250 x 330 x 250 cm.


Installation: 1972. Location: Ciudadela (Citadel), next to the Oven.