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The aim of this sculpture, created in wrought iron, is to symbolically, represent the encounter of the six Merindades (administrative and legal district formerly governed by the Merino or Royal official) of Navarre. The artistic work is enhanced by the pedestal on which it is supported. Six independent parts rise upwards from the pedestal itself, these are initially rectangular in shape and rise to different heights. Each part, except one, ends in a curve. All join together at the top of the sculpture, in an incomplete semi-circle which can be interpreted as the unity of the parts, and which symbolises Navarre.Alberto Orella is a sculptor who works with a variety of styles ranging from the more traditional figuration right up to avant-garde abstraction. This work has been created from an abstract, conceptual and constructivist perspective and shows a marked contrast between the material and spaces, and a play between alternating curved and straight lines. This work was acquired at the collective exhibition «ArtSpaces» in 1990, within the framework of the events to commemorate the centenary of the coronation of Charles III, the Noble.

José María Muruzabal

El primer beso de Jesús Alberto OrellaArticulación flotante de Faustino Aizkorbe
The route

The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo


Dialogue between six

Alberto Orella, 1990

Wrought iron on a Tafalla stone base.

148 x 95 x 43 cm.


Installation: 1990. Location: Vuelta del Castillo (Green area around the Citadel), next to the avenida de Pío XII avenue.