Imágen de El primer beso

A construction formed by two schematic human figures, one larger than the other, in an arrangement showing equality, in which one figure complements the other, in an act of loving communication.The main intention of this self-taught sculpture, Jesús Alberto Eslava, is to try and breathe life into matter, to bend forms in order to give them a human quality. His objective is to reflect ideas, to establish a dialogue between sculpture and spectator. He seeks to create elementary, naked forms, which draw closer to or form a comfortable nucleus which allow the beholder to reflect, question, draw conclusions, whilst in placid contemplation. His expressive austerity materialises in an abstract-geometric language which combines lines and planes using materials such as corten steel or red iron, materials which are capable of spreading their energy to the monumental format. However some of his approaches also focus on the human figure, as in this case, figures in schematic format, in a more personal dialogue.

Francisco Javier Zubiaur

La mujer ciprés de Alfredo SadaDiálogo a seis de Alberto Orella
The route

The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo


The first kiss

Jesús Alberto Eslava, 1989

Corten steel plate on a red cement pedestal.

201 x 139 x 79.5cm.


Installation: 1990. Vuelta del Castillo (Green areaaround the Citadel)