La mujer Ciprés. Imagen 1.
La mujer ciprés. Imágen 2.

This free-standing abstract sculpture is directly secured to the ground, harmoniously blending into its natural surroundings. It is a sober, elegant piece of art which adopts stylised, elevated forms. This symbolic representation comes within the threadlike forms which Alfredo Sada created in the final stage of his artistic career, having reached artistic maturity. The sculpture appears to take on a totemic quality, whilst fluctuating between primitive art and contemporary aesthetics. A serene, poetic, timeless and expressive sculpture featuring simple, minimalist forms reminiscent of the organic style. This work was presented in 1990, at a collective exhibition entitled «Art Spaces» which formed part of the events to commemorate the 4th Centenary of the coronation of Charles III, the Noble. After it was actually installed in 1992, its author, Alfredo Sada, barely had time to contemplate it, given the fact that he passed away one month later, still in the flower of his youth.

José María Muruzábal

Sin título de Faustino Aizkorbe.El primer beso de Jesús Alberto Eslava.
The route

The Citadel and Vuelta del Castillo


The Cypress woman

Alfredo Sada, 1990

Patinated bronze.

316 x 36.5 cm.


Installation: 1992.Vuelta del Castillo (Green area around the Citadel), alongside the Casa de Misericordia (Residential home for old people).

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