Monumento a Sancho III El Mayor. Vista de detalle.
Monumento a Sancho III El Mayor. Vista frontal.

This bronze statue represents king Sancho III, the Great, accompanied by a reference to the historical territories forming his kingdom. His left hand is resting on a great block of stone, quarried at Tafalla in Navarre, bearing the bronze coats of arms of Pamplona and Nájera, whilst another two blocks contain the coats of arms of Castile and Aragon and stand a few metres away, to signify that they ordered his lands. Alberto José de Orella is an artist who works with some very different artistic media. He initially based his work on purely formal figuration, in which he endeavoured to transmit an aesthetic and human message: However, his progressive simplification and refinement of forms has finally taken him into abstract art. Involved in an investigation process which is far removed from fashionable currents, his work aspires to be metaphysical and full of deep significance. 2004 marked the commemoration of the one thousandth anniversary since Sancho III the Great, came to the throne as king of amplona. To celebrate this, the City Council of Pamplona, in collaboration with the Society of Historical Studies of Navarre, organised a number of cultural events directed at bringing the figure of this monarch closer to the public. In this context, the sculptor Alberto Orella, who was then also a teacher at the Pamplona School of Art, was commissioned to create this statue. The unveiling took place on 14th May 2004.

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Ensanches and Media Luna Park


Sancho III The Great

Alberto Orella, 2004

Lost-wax bronze and Tafalla stone

Statue: 200 cm. Stone shields:144 x 103 x 30 cm and 144 x 52 x 30 cm.


Installation(unveiling): 14th May 2004. Parque de la Media Luna park.