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Monumento a Ernest Hemingway. Imagen 1.
Monumento a Ernest Hemingway. Imagen 2.Monumento a Ernest Hemingway. Imagen Vista general.

The sculpture was created from a block of Guadarrama granite, with the lower part shaped in the form of a pedestal whilst the upper part synthetically outlines the chest and arms of Ernest Hemingway, the North American journalist, writer and winner of the Nobel prize in literature. He is depicted wearing his characteristic roll-neck sweater, leaning on the bull ring barrier as he watches a bull fight. arcelona-born artist, Luis Sanguino, the author of this sculpture, is considered to be a leading exponent of sculptural realism in Spain and abroad. Although his prolonged stay in New York gave him first-hand knowledge of the principal artistic currents of the 20th century, his work is synonymous with a unique and independent style. His sculptural work is predominantly figurative in nature, witheither an impressionist or more classical finish. Between 1960 and 1970 he was commissioned to create a number of sculptures, all related to the world of bulls, his great passion. For this reason, when in 1968 the Pamplona City Council decided to pay homage to Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), Luis Sanguino was commissioned to do the work. The monument was unveiled on 6th July 1968 at one o"clock in the afternoon, at a ceremony attended by the writer"s widow, Mary Hemingway, and the sculptor himself, in addition to a number of prominent personalities.

José Javier Azanza

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Monument to Ernest Hemingway

Luis Sanguino, 1968

Bronze and granite from Guadarrama

Bronze bust: 54 cm. Block of granite: 207 x 124 x 86 cm.

Homage (Man of Letters).

Installation (unveiling): 6th July 1968. Paseo de Hemingwayparade, next to the Bull Ring.