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Monumento a San Ignacio de Loyola. Vista general.
Monumento a San Ignacio de Loyola. Vista de detalle.

Set in the avenue of St Ignacio in Pamplona, this monument commemorates the time and place at which St Ignacio de Loyola fell wounded to the ground in defence of the castle of Pamplona. Comprising four men and a dog, the composition is centred on young Iñigo de Loyola lying on a stretcher. Its author, Catalan artist Joan Flotats, is an exponent of figurative realism, which is particularly evident in his religious creations, worked in a number of materials. In the early 20th century, Flotats modelled a bronze sculptural ensemble to depict the moment at which Iñigo de Loyola, after being wounded, was brought to his house by his servants. This piece was installed at the entrance to the house in which St Ignacio was born in the Sanctuary of Loyola, in Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa). In 1950, the sculptor Áureo Rebolé made a replica of the original bronze sculpture using mortar and artificial stone, and this was then installed in Pamplona. Finally, in 2005, the sculpture by Rebolé was replaced by a group in bronze, which is a precise replica of the original plaster model by Joan Flotats, located in a spiritual retreat in Manresa.

José Javier Azanza

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Monument to St Ignacio de Loyola

Joan Flotats, 2005

Bronze and stone

Sculptural group: 170 x 202 x 116 cm.

Stone pedestal: 51 x 102 x 195 cm.


Installation (unveiling): 29th July 2005. Avenida de San Ignacio avenue.