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Monumento al General Sanjurjo
Monumento al general Sanjurjo. Detalle.Monumento al general Sanjurjo. Detalle 2.

This monumental ensemble comprises a stone monolith featuringallegorical marble reliefs of a man and woman payinghomage to General Sanjurjo, whose bronze bust once stoodatop the pedestal, but which has now been withdrawn. Thedate of the General"s birth and death are engraved on thereverse side of the monument «1872-1936.»This work is a good example of the classic realism whichcharacterises the majority of Fructuoso Orduna"s portraits andbusts. Whether in marble or bronze, his work is marked by classicalsobriety and restraint whilst he also displays a well-groundedknowledge of anatomy and shows that he has made a thoroughstudy of his models. The monument, erected by publicsubscription, was unveiled on 13th July 1929, although, due toillness, Sanjurjo was unable to attend the unveiling ceremony. Inthe early morning of 26th July 1972, coinciding with the officialopening date of the Pamplona Art Congress, the monumentwas damaged by the effects of a bomb. Although it was subsequentlyrestored and re-inaugurated on 30th December thatsame year, the bust was subjected to attacks and acts of vandalismon numerous occasions. Consequently, on 28th April 1988,the Pamplona City Council reached a unanimous decision towithdraw the bust, and this was then done on 23rd May 1988.

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Monument to General José Sanjurjo

Fructuoso Orduna, 1929

Carved stone and marble.

Ensemble: 350 cm and Reliefs: 135 x 139 cm. Allegory. Installation (unveiling): 13th July 1929. Calle Ciudadela street.