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Monument to Charles III the Nobleman
Monument to Charles III the NoblemanMonument to Charles III the Nobleman

This investment-cast bronze sculpture portrays king Charles III,standing in a posture in which he is about to hand over thePrivilege of the Union, a charter granted in 1423 to put an end tothe hostility between the three boroughs of Pamplona(Navarrería, San Cernin and San Nicolás). He is shown holdingthe document in his right hand, whilst his left hand is heldacross his chest in a solemn gesture. Madrid artist, FranciscoLópez Hernández, is well-grounded in classical Renaissancesculptures, and is one of the most genuine exponents of contemporarysculptural realism in Spain. The monument was inaugurated on 8th September 2004,the date on which Pamplona commemorated the 581stAnniversary of the Privilege of the Union with an extensive programof acts. The events commenced with mass, a prayer forthe dead and a floral tribute before the tomb of king Charles IIIand his spouse, Leonor, at the Cathedral. This was then followedby the traditional dances of the Zaldikos (horse and riders) andKilikis (figures with large paper-mache heads representing thelocal councillors) in the courtyard, to the sound of the NavarreCornamuse, a double reed instrument dating back to the 8thcentury and brought out for the occasion.

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Monument to Charles III the Nobleman

Francisco López, 2003


210 cm.


Installation (unveiling): 8th September2004. Intersection of the Carlos III avenue with the Plaza delCastillo square.