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Sada, Alfredo

Alfredo Sada Laguardia, Falces, 1950-1992. Sada studied drawing, painting and modelling at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts in Pamplona. He attended a sculpture course given by Miquel Navarro in the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid. Despite such a short life, he showed that he could help establish a renewed language, which, working on the basis of ancient statuary, having previously assimilated the sculpture of the 20th century (particularly the work of the Romanian Brancusi) and adopted an extremely refined formal approach, brought new life to the eclectic Post-modernism of the 1990s. This globalising artist with a marked personality did not go unnoticed and the Museum of Navarre, Caja Navarra, Pamplona City Council (one of his works, “Mujer ciprés”, was installed in Vuelta del Castillo in 1991), Fundación Juan March, the Circle of Fine Arts and the Bank of Spain, both in Madrid, and the Cultural Centre of Paris all included his sculptures in their collections. Caja España awarded him its first prize for sculpture in 1991 for “Del incesante empuje de las olas”, which it acquired for its collection. He did not hold many individual exhibitions (the main ones being Sala de CAN, 1983, Galería Monet, 1985, Sala García Castañón, 1986, and Galería Kribia, 1991, all in Pamplona; the Museum of La Rioja, 1990, and Galería Emilio Navarro, Madrid, 1990). Caja de Ahorros Municipal de Pamplona held a posthumous exhibition of his work curated by the painter Pedro Salaberri in February-March 1994 in its Sala de García Castañón.



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