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Polán, Paco

After graduating in Fine Arts, specialising in Sculpture, Polán went on to do a postgraduate degree at Paris’ École Nationale Supèrieure des Beaux Arts. He has been awarded several prizes in competitions in Navarre, Alava and Bizkaia. He has worked with a number of renowned galleries in Spain and, thanks to them, attended a range of international fairs. The Government of Navarre recently published a book on his entire professional career containing multiple references to his work. This artist, whose work focuses on sculpture, has studied different materials and techniques which have allowed him to come up with a language of his own at the crossroads between the conceptual and the aesthetic around which he has moved over all these years of study. From traditional materials used for sculpture, he has moved on to everyday objects out of context, which he uses as leading components in works which mix concept and aesthetics, prose and poetry. “… A friendly, ironic look at objects, utensils, tools put to new uses and which lose their hardness, becoming soft bas-relieves…” finds expression in his work “Mano de artista” (1988). He does not hesitate to stress his taste for everyday materials, not usually employed in conventional sculpture, which lend texture, colour and reference to a body of work which displays an underlying message in an ironic tone, such as the wool carpet that constitutes “Manhattan fabricado en Marruecos”, purchased by Pamplona City Council at the 2003 Biennial. This piece highlights the undercurrent that Polán brings to his work during the conceptual stage of the creation process.

This many-sided artist does not shy away from other techniques that his pieces may require; he uses photography as media for messages. This is apparent in the collection of works paying tribute to great architects tragically no longer with us, such as Le Corbusier, Terragni, Aizpurúa, etc., in which he proposes a game with the viewer, sets an riddle and gives clues to the solution. However he approaches his work, you cannot fail to recognise in this artist a concern for the visual, the aesthetic, whilst never shunning a conceptual backdrop, a certain organisation in the way things are arranged, a reason why certain materials, certain shapes and the chosen technique, and not others, are all used. Works by Polán form part of the contemporary collections of Fundació “La Caixa”, Almería City Council, Pamplona City Council, Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Fundación Caja Vital Kutxa, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Fundación Koldo Mitxelena in San Sebastián, the Alava Museum of Fine Arts, ARTIUM, Vitoria City Council, the Museum of Navarre and Fundación AENA. He has held notable individual exhibitions in the Horno hall in Pamplona Citadel (1988), Galería Fúcares, Almagro (1992), Galería Windsor Kulturgintza, Bilbao (1994), Galería Arteclío, Pamplona (1995), Galería Fúcares, Madrid (1995), Galería Windsor Kulturgintza, Bilbao (1998), Koldo Mitxelena Kulturenea, San Sebastián (2002), Pamplona Citadel (2005), the cloisters of the Montehermoso Culture Centre, Vitoria, and in Palacio Aramburu, Tolosa (2006).



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