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Muro, Javier

Francisco Javier Muro Sanz de Galdeano is one of the most appreciated assets among Navarre sculptors. Born in 1968 in Pamplona, at an early age he felt a calling for art. The same could be said for his brother, Ignacio, who became a painter. He studied Informatics. His evolution within the world of sculpture was relatively quick, and in 1989 at the tender age of twenty, he was given the First Sculpture Award “Pamplona, Young Artists” and was awarded a scholarship to assist in the creation of Visual Arts, granted by the Príncipe de Viana Institution of the Navarre Government. In the nineties he was recognised with various awards, and participated in important competitions. He excelled in the National Sculpture Competition in Burgos (1993), the XI International Sports Biennial in Fine Arts in Madrid (1995), the Aoiz “Concurso Bilaketa” Sculpture Award in 1997, etc. His most noteworthy awards are 2nd Place in the XXIII National Sculpture Awards “Caja Madrid” in 1999 and First Place in the Sculpture Competition “Caja España” in 2003. This award was given for his work entitled “Estado de conservación”, a hugely conceptual piece, in which the artist reflects metaphorically and ironically on life issues. Apart from this prize, in 1999 Javier Muro also won the II Navarre Sculpture Award with a piece entitled “Dos soledades”, created using smelted aluminium and sheet metal. The composition of this work consisted of a bottle which opens creating two individual parts, a metaphorical representation of the relationship between people.

As a direct result of this award, the Navarre Government organised an exhibition of this sculptor’s work in the halls of the Museum of Navarre , held in September and October 2000. The pieces displayed were based on every-day objects such as bottles and glasses, casserole dishes, etc. In addition to this leap forward, his name was catapulted into the media when he was chosen to be the author of the sculpture that represented San Fermín, which the Pamplona City Council gave to Don Felipe de Borbón and Doña Leticia Ortiz when they were married. Recently he was awarded First Prize in the Tarragona Modern Art Biennial 2006. In 1995 he exhibited in the Gustavo de Maeztu Museum in Estella, in 1999 in the Citadel in Pamplona, and in October 2007 in Madrid in the Tribeca gallery. The sculptor, Javier Muro, demonstrates a keen interest in design and for poetic aspects. He is also an artist that glides magnificently between the figurative and the abstract. He enjoys using every-day objects in his pieces, with which he achieves works that align with current art, interrogative and conceptual sculptures, laden heavily with metaphorical and symbolic meanings. He also reveals his talent for abstraction, in a very expressionist fashion. His sculptures located in Navarre, can be seen in the UPNA, Señorío de Bertiz and the Residencia Fuerte Príncipe, with others as far afield as Chile and Korea.



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