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Juarros, Pablo

The sculptor Pablo Juarros was born in 1960 in Huarte, just outside of Pamplona. He was introduced to the art world by Patxi Buldain, in the times of the Workshop on Painting and Sculpture in Huarte, which this unique master drove forwards in the 80s. It was called a workshop because Buldain was adamant that it should not be considered a school. It closed in 1989, but throughout this time it has remained alive in the restlessness and the desire to experiment and explore the world of artists such as Koldo Agarraberes, Natxo Barberena, Pablo Juarros, Luis Morea, Arturo Navaz and Oskar Paternain. Pablo Juarros also received training in the contemporary arts centre Arteleku in San Sebastian, with the high-calibre artists Sergio Aguilar, Juan Muñoz and Ángel Bados. From the 1990s, to stay afloat economically he had to divide his artistic trade with other work. In 1991, Pablo Juarros won the El Deporte competition in Fine Arts, organised by the Pamplona City Council, in the sculpture category with his work Atleta, currently located in the Pamplona Citadel. As well as this piece, another of his works is currently displayed in the Donantes de Berriozar square, installed in 1999 in homage to benevolent members of society. One of his most outstanding exhibitions is entitled “Las dos orillas”, which exhibited work by Patxi Buldain and Pablo Juarros in the Pamplona Planetarium in 2001. In 2006, Juarros held an individual sculpture exhibition in the Mikel Armentia Gallery, located in Monjardín street in Pamplona. Finally, the collective display by various students of Patxi Buldain is equally noteworthy. Entitled “Uarte”, it was held in the similarly named foundation in Huarte in November 2008.



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