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Ibáñez Ceba, Ángel

A well-known and prestigious Navarre architect, educated in the University of Navarre, he has an open studio in this Community. As well as his work as an architect, he has also contributed with outstanding work in the field of town planning. He specialises in urban development planning, a profession which he has developed in various Navarre municipalities. His studio is based in Salinas de Pamplona. His work as an architect and town planner in Navarre is influential. Among his works are the Municipal Plans of Zabalza, Fustiñana, Leache and Arróniz, to name but a few. Regarding Town Planning, he wrote a complete work entitled ‘La ordenación urbana: aspectos legales y práctica profesional’, edited in 1985 in collaboration with Carlos Martínez Caro. He also regularly works in the neighbouring regions of La Rioja, Álava, Guipúzcoa, etc. In the last local elections in 2007, he was voted as representative on the Salinas de Pamplona Board (Cendea de Galar) and was later named Chair of the same Board, where he resides. Aside from his architectural work, he also enjoys designing more decorative pieces, such as the fountain in Paseo Bartolomé de Carranza which features in this guide. One of his pieces was also placed in the playground in the San Juan de la Cadena de Pamplona state school, in the Infant School building. This piece was recently removed to allow renovation works to be carried out on the playground.



IBAÑEZ CEBA, A y MARTÍNEZ CARO, C. La ordenación urbana. Pamplona, EUNSA, 1985.